Alarm Systems

At Watchdog Alarm, quality workmanship is our priority. Selecting the right alarm system can be a daunting task, but luckily for you our expertise and exemplary service staff will make this one of the easiest decisions that you will ever make. We offer top of the line systems designed to keep you and your loved ones safe from home intrusion. We cater each and everyone of our installations to your buildings unique layout, ensuring each and every security measure is taken into account. We offer varieties of hardwired systems and wireless systems installed with the most current software, leaving our customers without a steep learning curve. Most of all, our security systems will grant you and your family peace of mind. Whether its a night on the town, or that multiple day family road trip that you have been planning for months, Watchdog Alarm© will be there doing what it does best; keeping you and your families possessions safe.

Wired system advantages:

  • Not very susceptible to interference
  • Allows greater distance between devices. The components don't need to be as close to one another.
  • The parts needed and complete systems tend to cost less.
  • Are convenient when sensors (PIRs, smoke detectors, etc) require power to operate correctly.
  • Are more tamper-evident.
  • Wired home security systems can cover greater distances.
  • No sensor batteries to change or to cause false alarms.
  • No repeater needed due to distance or construction material to get a strong signal to the alarm panel.

Wireless system advantages:

  • Usually much faster and easier to install.
  • Easier to make location changes and no new wires needed to grow your system
  • Better for property non-owners such as apartments, as less drilling is needed.
  • If installation-help is needed, wireless is usually faster, thus less expensive
  • They use battery-powered transmitters which are easier to install. But depending on distance and construction materials, one or more wireless 'repeaters' may be required to get the signal reliably back to alarm panel.
  • If you want to move a component, you simply move it
  • Since no wiring is involved, you can take 100% of a wireless home security system with you when you move to another home.

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